Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DOTCOM meeting "Save Teghut" and "Green Light"

On March 11th DOTCOMers had a very interesting meeting with young activists of "Save Teghut" and "Green Light" youth movements. We talked about ecological problems of the country, discussed different problems that people face in their communities, talked about public awareness and we had a brisk, heated, interesting and useful discussion about the role of media (especially Internet and Blogs) in improvement of all above mentioned issues. We had 22 DOTCOMers present and almost all of them actively participated in the discussions. Many participants were thrilled with new ideas regarding the future (goals) of their blogs.


  1. Aya and friends,

    This is very exciting news - thanks for sharing these wonderful photos,.

    Save Teghut!

    Dr. W

  2. Thanks Rob!

    This was the first local event for AM DOTCOMers and it was an excellent start!