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BarCamp - Yerevan, 2009

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Finally, BarCamp Yerevan will take place in Armenia on April 17-19 of 2009.

BarCamp is a brand new event, originating in the Silicon Valley of USA in 2005 that has become widespread throughout the world. BarCamp is usually a “non-conference” in the sphere of information technology or “IT,” new media and Internet. A “non-conference” is the unofficial, informal part of the conference supporting open discussions and a free exchange of ideas and opinions.

The philosophy of BarCamp is the following: all presentations are given by participants themselves, with no formally invited guest speakers and without the formality of traditional conference. Most revealing, the schedule of events is “produced” by the participants of the conference and is formed only after the conference opens, as participants add the presentations they want to hold on a white board.

The first ever BarCamp in the former Soviet Union was organized in Kyiv in October 2007. It brought together about 300 people from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, and other countries from the region and featured around 45 presentations.

After BarCamp Kiev, there was “BarCamp Baltics” in Riga (February 2008) and “Barcamp Caucasus” in Tbilisi (June 2008). The wave of BarCamps continues.

Finally, BarCamp Yerevan will take place in Armenia on April 17-19 of 2009.

“BarCamp Yerevan” will bring together bloggers, new media professionals, IT specialists, companies involved in Internet and digital technologies, journalists and journalism students, as well as any other groups interested in using technology and Internet in their work.

Tentatively, around 200 participants are expected to attend the event (roughly two-thirds will be local Armenians, and the rest will come from other former USSR countries, as well as international new-media experts).

If you want to participate in “BarCamp Yerevan”, please visit the web site and register!!!

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